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St. Joseph Hoag Health If you're concerned about the cost of care, listen as our President and CEO, Dr. Richard Afable, answers employer questions about how St. Joseph Hoag Health is transforming the current model of care to improve quality while lowering costs.

Hear the results first-hand from Western Digital.Orange County employers are looking for health care programs that meet the diverse needs of their workforce. Listen as the human resources team at Western Digital talks about their on-site clinic, Drive Wellness...

How Do Wellness Programs Serve Employees?

Wellness programs are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Find out how St. Joseph Hoag Health is working to provide a variety of services to meet the individual needs of different employer groups.

How can employers ensure the right care for their employees? St. Joseph Hoag Health, Orange County

How can employers make sure their workforce is getting the right health care at the right time? Our CEO and President, Dr. Richard Afable, discusses why it's important to choose a plan that offers an integrated model of care.

What is Drive Wellness at Western Digital?

Here's an inside glimpse of what an on-site wellness clinic looks like and how it works. Watch as our Medical Director for Drive Wellness, Dr. Christopher Celio, shows you what St. Joseph Hoag Health is doing at Western Digital in Irvine.

What are the benefits of an employer wellness program?

An effective wellness program can help your workforce feel better and perform better, including management, human resources, and accounting. Watch to find out the ROI on wellness.

St. Joseph Hoag Health Our President and CEO, Dr. Richard Afable, recently sat down to discuss the current transformation in health care, what it means for Orange County employers, and how to improve care while lowering costs.

What the transformation of health care means for business

Employers have questions about the cost and quality of health care benefits for their employees. Dr. Richard Afable, President and CEO of St. Joseph Hoag Health, provides some answers.

How it's possible to offer an abundance of care without hurting the budget

Orange County employers want to reduce the cost of providing health care without reducing the quality of care. St. Joseph Hoag Health accepts the challenge and offers an answer.

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How to Improve Performance? Try Listening

Too much of health care involves one-way conversations. In Health Leaders Media, our President and CEO, Dr. Richard Afable, writes about the need to listen closely to all parties involved in the health care process, from customers, employers and physicians, to those without access or in need of services

How to Assess your Population Health Management ROI

Health Catalyst offers an exercise that provides a simple way to start determining the return on your population health initiative.

5 Things to Know About Health-Care Spending in the U.S.

Get the big picture on health-care spending trends and find out why middle-income households have been hit hardest.

Providence St. Joseph Health Systems Partnership to Proceed

We're pleased to announce the formation of Providence St. Joseph Health, which will span seven states and employ 100,000 people. Find out how we're working to create advantages for the many communities we serve.

10 tips to reduce poor quality healthcare, unjustified care costs

Everyone wants quality care at an affordable cost. But getting that affordable quality care depends on the answers to three questions, which you can find in this article, along with other helpful tips.

How to Avoid These 5 Small Business Health Benefit Mistakes

Here's a handy checklist to understand the five most common compliance mistakes that small businesses tend to make with their health benefits.

Watch What Happens When You Invest in Employee Wellness

Do your employees believe that management cares about their well-being? It makes a difference! If you're in Human Resources, here's what you need to know about the impact that wellness programs can have on your workforce.

Hoag Opens Wellness Center for Holistic Needs

NEWPORT BEACH - Hoag Hospital unveiled a new community wellness center Wednesday that will provide low-income families with services intended to meet physical, psychological and spiritual needs. The nonprofit hospital turned a two-story office building in

We recently transformed a two-story office building into the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living. Take a look at how we’re hosting 15 nonprofits that are working to meet the needs of low-income families.

St. Joseph Hoag Health Employers and workers still have many questions about health care benefits and how legislative changes will affect them. This story will help brokers and insurers be ready with answers.

5 Top Employee Benefits Questions and How to Answer Them

Legislative changes continue to markedly affect the health benefits marketplace . Employers and their workers face challenges on a number of fronts. Along with those challenges come questions that range from current and future requirements of health care.

Dr. Richard Afable discusses health care competition in L.A. basin

Modern Healthcare sits down with our President and CEO, Dr. Richard Afable, to discuss the formation of Providence St. Joseph Health and how we’re working together to create a better network of care for Orange County and the L.A. basin.

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