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Workplace Wellness

Wellness designed to meet your workforce

Any business can build a culture of health and support wellness, while increasing job satisfaction and reducing your overall costs. It involves offering diverse programs that ensure employees are healthy in body, mind and spirit.

St. Joseph Hoag Health’s comprehensive portfolio of worksite wellness programs can be tailored to an employee population’s unique needs, and can range from something as simple as health and wellness information all the way up to a fully-staffed, on-site wellness clinic. We do this with one goal in mind: supporting you in building a healthier workforce.

Having an Employee Health Fair or Open Enrollment Meeting?

We welcome the opportunity to participate or help you plan any upcoming health or open enrollment events your business may hold. We can provide:

  • Health information
  • Health screenings and health risk assessments
  • Flu Shot clinics
  • Health screenings
  • Giveaways
  • Health plan navigation

A Healthier Workforce Is Just Around the Corner

Discover everything from primary care to fitness training at our Wellness Corners located throughout Orange County. Discover our nationally acclaimed Wellness Corners, where employees can get the medical and wellness services they need – body, mind and spirit.

Our Wellness Corners have a simple goal—help your employees’ look and feel their best. By making medical and wellness care convenient for your employees, you'll have a healthier and more productive workforce. We can customize a clinic that meets the unique needs of employees with a private Wellness Clinic.

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